Review of Weekends at Bellevue


Summary- This books contains various stories of the life of a psych ER doctor.

My rating- C

I really enjoyed the subject matter of the book. I am very interested in psychology which is what got me to pick up the book to begin with. I enjoyed the read but there were a few areas that I thought could have been better also. In some cases, they were not the writer’s fault.

Because the doctor works in the ER she is in charge of releasing patients or admitting them. I think I would have enjoyed the book more if there was a larger glance into the lives of the patients. Her experience with them is so limited and therefore so is ours. In many ways I felt let down because there was no real closure and little ability to find out the whys of the patients story. The doctor does have some stories where she is able to detail more such as the father who murdered his baby because he was using cocaine and was abused as a kid. Much of the time though, the information given left me feeling unfulfilled. For instance: Woman wants to be admitted. She says she is pregnant. Takes a pen into the bathroom and stabs herself in vagina. There is bleeding. Patient is sent to medical ER. End of story. The reader never finds out if she was pregnant at all, if she was if the baby survived, or what happened to the woman.  I know this is a real life memoir and so there are not answers in many cases but I found it a bit unsettling.

I also felt that the writer’s thoughts wandered a bit sometimes and especially by the end I just wanted her to wrap up her thoughts and move on. I also felt that much of her personal story sidetracked from the main vein of the story. I understood why she added it but I just didn’t really enjoy it.

This book is one you can pick up if you like psychology. You will probably enjoy reading it once, as  I did, but this is not a book I would read again either.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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