Review of The Magic of Ordinary Days

Ordinary days

Summary- Livvy’s father arranges a marriage for her when she gets pregnant under less than ideal circumstances. The husband is a simple farmer named Ray who is a good man and quite quickly decides to fall in love with his wife. While she struggles with her own feelings about him and her baby she befriends two Japanese girls who are working the farm for her husband. This is during WWII and they are confined to nearby encampments. As Livvy struggles to connect to her new life she finds herself unwittingly involved in an act of treason.

My rating: B-

If you are looking for a deep historical fiction book with lots of metaphor and meaning than you will probably love this book. If you are looking for a love story you will probably be disappointed.

Livvy is a very modern woman who has ideas about what she wants to do with her life. She is college educated and dreams of being an archeologist. Her husband is a simple farmer. He isn’t particularly smart though he is sweet and rather old fashioned in his view.

The story is told from Livvy’s perspective and so the reader never really gets to know Ray intimately. I never could fully bring myself to root for them and didn’t feel like they had a chance of ending up a happily married deeply in love couple.

I did enjoy the parallels between Livvy’s feelings about her circumstances and the realities for the Japanese American’s being held in camps. I also enjoyed Livvy’s deep friendship with the Japanese girls but didn’t really care for how that story line ended.

I did enjoy this book but I doubt I will read it again. I would not recommend it to my friends who love romance but I might recommend it to friends who are into more serious fiction.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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