Review of The Doctor’s Pregnant Bride?

pregnant bride

Summary: Sara Beth and Ted work together but that doesn’t stop them from finding themselves attracted to one another. They come from different backgrounds but with a possible baby on the way their love must take precedence over pedigree.

My rating: B

Warning! Contains Spoilers!

This was about what one expects from a book in this series. It is a quick read and enjoyable. The characters were lovable and lots of fun. Sara Beth had an important internal struggle about whether to break the law and snoop through medical files at the clinic where she and Ted work to attempt to find the identity of her father. In many ways that is the big conflict in the story. Will Sara Beth break ethics and if so how will it change things with Ted who is very ethical and big on rules. My background in the medical field made this an interesting conflict because there are times that temptations make one wish they could delve through records of family members to get answers on questions about family and friends.

It was a interesting conflict and I did enjoy the setting of Sara Beth and Ted working in a fertility clinic where Ted was doing research and Sara Beth was head nurse. I was a little disappointed that more wasn’t done with the setting and that Sara Beth didn’t really get to interact with any patients.

I love romance novels involving babies and wished there had been more in this book. If you are picking it up because you love romances with unplanned pregnancies this really isn’t the book for you. Apparently, I failed to notice the question mark at the end of the title. By the end of the book it is still not clear if the doctor’s bride is indeed pregnant or not.

I believe this book is part of a series. I hope it is as several questions were not answered in the book and I felt a little let down by that until I noticed an ad at the end of the book for another book involving a secondary character. Presumably all the lingering questions will be answered in that book.

Overall a nice quick read that is a fine example of the Harlequin tradition.


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