Review of Shakespeare’s Landlord

Shakespears landlord

Summary- Lily Bard is a housekeeper in the small town of Shakespeare. She lives a quiet simple life as she tries to hide her past from her neighbors. She is doing a fine job until she witnesses a body dump and her conscience dictates that she notify the police. She tries to do so anonymously but soon finds herself caught up in the mystery of who murdered Pardon, one of Shakespeare’s Landlords.

My rating B

At first I was disappointed in this book because I have read Charlaine Harris before and  I love the Sookie books. I was a bit sad that Lily’s book lacks much of the humor found in the Sookie series. It is much more serious and I found Lily a bit unlikeable at first because she is trying to keep to herself and hide so much.

I liked her a bit better as the book continued on but she wasn’t someone I could imagine befriending or hanging out with.

The best thing about the book was the cast of interesting secondary characters which is something I think Harris excels out in general.

The mystery was fairly good until the conclusion. Harris gave enough clues about who did it that I didn’t feel like it was out of the blue but I did feel like it was disappointing and anti climactic.

I also didn’t care for the love triangle in the book. I thought it felt unrealistic. Lily, who up to this point has wanted nothing to do with men suddenly is attracted to two very different ones, each with his own issues.

As a casual mystery read it was okay but it wasn’t something I would go crazy to recommend to a friend either. I also feel like fans of the Sookie mysteries will not love Lily Bard. She is just a much darker and less humorous character than Sookie.


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