Review of Snake in the Glass

snake in

Summary- Emmeline Dowell gets dragged into a murder investigation when her brother goes missing and evidence points to the fact that the murder victim and her brother are connected.

My rating- C

The characters in the book are interesting and the mystery was pretty good. I liked the interesting facts about peridot at the beginning  of every chapter. I also was intrigued by Emmeline’s job. She is a glassblower which was something I knew next to nothing about before I picked up this book.

The above points were the main reason I finished the book. I thought that the story was excessively long and that the pacing was much too slow. It felt like it took FOREVER for the story to actually start and there were times I thought about chucking the book instead of waiting. Once it did start, it was pretty good.

A few of my small pet peeves about the writing:

1) Character constantly came together to summarize the clues that they had found so far and I thought that really slowed down the story and didn’t give the reader enough credit. I read lots of mysteries. I don’t need a constant reminder of the clues thus far.

2) There was an overuse of “Em” the main characters nickname. It felt forced and tedious at times when characters kept unnecessarily using her name in dialogue.

Overall a so so book. I can’t say I would recommend it but it wasn’t a wasted read either.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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