Review of A Mother’s Love by Mary Morris

A Mother's Love

Summary: Ivy is a single mom with a very young baby who is trying to both navigate her own motherhood journey and come to terms with the choices made by her parents. She is particularly troubled by the fact that her mother abandoned her when she was small and took her little sister.

My rating C

This was not a bad book but it also wasn’t a page turner. There were many times I could have closed the book and never picked it up again. The main reason I didn’t is that I was curious how the book would end. I wish I could say the ending made the journey all worth it but honestly I felt the ending was anti climactic at best.

Ivy is an interesting character and her story is heart breaking. As a mother I can relate to both wanting to deal with your own mommy issues and also trying to figure out how the heck you are going to care for a very needy child while barely able to take care of yourself.

I think the biggest issues I had with the story were that by the end I hadn’t felt like much had really happened. Ivy hadn’t actually seemed to resolve her issues. She attempted to get back with her child’s father but failed which left her single as she was in the beginning.

From start to finish the biggest changes that occur in the book is that she hires a babysitter and she makes friends with another single mom.

If you are looking for a calm thoughtful reflection on motherhood then you might like this book. If you need a fast paced book with stuff actually happening to keep you reading then this book is probably not for you.

This wasn’t for me.


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