Review of Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Summary- Just in case anyone has been living under a bridge: An amusement park made of genetically modified dinosaurs becomes a disaster.

My rating B

I like the movie better than the book which is something I don’t find very often. I am not sure I would have finished reading this book if I hadn’t seen and loved the movie.

The beginning of the book was really slow and tedious. I really just wanted them to hurry up and get to the park and it took FOREVER for that to happen. In fairness, there is much more information in the book about the impact that Jurassic Park is having outside of the little island it is on but I didn’t feel like I needed that much information especially in the very beginning of the story.

I liked the movie characters better than the book characters. Hammond especially is a much better person in the movie. I found Lex (the little girl) really annoying in the book as well and I kinda wanted to shove her  in the path of a T-Rex.

There is a lot more science and philosophy in the book than in the movie and I did enjoy that. I also enjoyed that the book had much more overall dino action and it also had many more species appearing.

In the book there also felt like there was lots more at stake because not only is everyone trying not to get eaten by dinosaurs but they are also trying to make sure that the ship that left the island with stowaway dinosaurs doesn’t make it back to the mainland.

One other comments about the paperback edition (at least the 2012 one from Ballentine) is that there were quite a few more errors than are usually seen in a traditionally published book. I usually expect errors in indie work and unless they are really bad I tend to ignore them but the edition I read had lots of errors and I was really surprised by that.

Overall, this isn’t a bad read, especially if you love the movies and want to learn more about the science part of it. It is well written and believable. Just be aware that it is going to be a slow start and that the characters are going to be very different than the movies.


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