Review of Bodice of Evidence

Bodice of Evidence

Summary- Pepper’s sister is getting married. While they are out shopping for dresses they find the dead body of a bridal dress shop owner. Pepper wants to leave it up to the police to investigate but there is a small clue that keeps nagging at her and she just can’t let it go until she discovers the truth.

Rating 3/5

Pepper is a wedding proposal planner and an overall interesting character. I haven’t read any other books in this series but I felt like I was able to jump right in and be pretty on top of who the characters were and what was going on.

The book focused much more on Pepper than on the mystery and at times I did feel a bit cheated by that. We get details about the proposals that Pepper has planned but they don’t have much impact on the mystery story line though they are interesting in their own way. Toby as introduced in this book and he had his own sub plot which really had little to do with the main story either. Toby really wants to pick a wife but has no idea about love or romance. He isn’t a romantic interest for Pepper as she already has a dream guy named Gabe and honestly Toby doesn’t feel like he adds much to the story though he could be a set up for the next book.

The mystery didn’t feel like the main part of the story. It felt secondary to me and I wasn’t overly impressed by it. Pepper talked to a few people and mostly just kept mulling over one small clue that didn’t make sense and was the one thing that could crack the case. The solution to the mystery was just okay. I didn’t feel like I was given enough info or background that I could have guessed it ahead of time.

Overall, it was an interesting character story but the plot didn’t feel very cohesive and the mystery was more in the background. The characters made it fun and I didn’t feel like it was a wasted read but probably not what I would pick if I was looking to enjoy a mystery.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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