Review of How to Train Your Dragon 2 (PS3 Game)

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This is my first time reviewing a game but it is something I might start just to add some variety to my blog and because I love gaming almost as much as reading.

Summary- Since Dragons and Vikings now live side by side, a system of games has been created to help promote harmony between the two groups. You can play as different rider/dragon combos to try to complete the game.

My rating 2/5

I love the overall story line and I really wanted to love this game. I love the How to Train Your Dragon shows and I plan to (but haven’t yet) read the book. The video game added a nice story line to things and the games were imaginative and inventive (such as using dragons to pick up sheep and sort them by color).

The issue I had with this game was that the controls were so difficult that I really couldn’t play the game. I initially got the games for my 4 yr old (who can play some games at least a little). She couldn’t even get to the first challenge because the dragons were so hard to control.

I tried to control them both with standard and inverse controls and I wasn’t able to control the dragons either. It was almost as if the stick was way to sensitive. I could get to the games but could barely do them because my dragon kept crashing into everything.

Finally, I called my boyfriend who is a veteran gamer and had him try. He didn’t have any more luck than we did with controlling the dragons.

It was a great idea for the game but the controls made it impossible for us to play.


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