Review of Death of a Chocolate Cheater

Death of a Chocolate Cheater

Summary- Darcy is helping her aunt participate in a chocolate festival contest when one of the judges is killed. A friend of her aunt is arrested but there is strong evidence that she was framed. Darcy decides she must prove the woman innocent and find the real killer.

My Rating 4/5

I enjoyed reading this book. It was lots of fun. I enjoyed both the mystery and the characters.

Darcy was interesting in her own right and the secondary characters were lots of fun. I especially liked her hacker cousin and her former attorney boyfriend.

They mystery itself was interesting and I figured out who the killer was just a little bit before Darcy. I really love books like that because I know that I have been given enough clues along the way but also that it wasn’t too easy. I also really loved the references to other mystery stories. I recently read Murder on the Orient Express and Darcy mentions that book.

I wish I was more skilled in the kitchen because the book contained lots of yummy looking recipes at the end too.

The only negative of the book was that it made me hungry. This is not a fault of the author or the book of course. I recommend this to anyone who loves cozy mysteries unless they are on a diet. The descriptions of chocolate treats in it will make your mouth water!


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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