Review of the Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones

Summary-  A teenage girl is murdered and she tells her story and what happens to her friends and family afterwards from Heaven.

My rating 3/5

I need to start out by saying that The Lovely Bones wasn’t so much one I chose to read as one that fell into my lap. It probably wasn’t one I would normally have picked up but I needed a book and a friend handed it to me. I skimmed the last 20 pages because by then I just wasn’t feeling this book any more.

I really liked how this book started off. It was really interesting to get the perspective of the murder victim from her vantage point in Heaven. Similarly, the reactions of her friends and family to her murder were interesting and varied. I liked seeing how characters changed and how differently Susie’s mom and dad handled what happened.

The book was really good and a page turner for me until about the middle. Then, I felt like it lost steam. Firstly, the book stretches over a fairly long time span of several years. As years passed after the murder I got bored. Susie followed too many people for far too long.

I think I might have enjoyed the story more if either she had just followed people for the first year or so after or if she had chosen just one or two people (maybe her mom and dad) to follow for a longer time. Both just felt like too much.

Also, I didn’t feel very satisfied with how things turned out with her killer and the crime solving part of the story.

This book wasn’t what I was expecting and it wasn’t for me but it was a very cool idea and well written. Until the middle I was totally captivated but after that I just lost interest.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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