Review of Truffled to Death: A Chocolate Covered Mystery

Truffled to Death

Summary- Michelle and her roommate Erica host a reception to highlight the donation of a collection of Maya artifacts to the local museum by a wealthy local family. They are just patting each other on the back about how well it went when they discover that the artifacts have been stolen and the museum representative murdered. Erica had a previous relationship with the museum rep and so is immediately a suspect. Michelle and Erica set out to prove their innocence and uncover who stole the artifacts and who killed the museum rep.

My rating:


Truffled to Death was alright. It was a nice little cozy mystery but it wasn’t anything that really stood out for me either.

The best part of the book is the character Erica. I really enjoyed reading her. She is just “adorkable”. She is super smart but not in a know it all type of way. She is a brain but still super nice though her cop boyfriend has a hard time with the fact that she is often smarter than him and sees things he doesn’t.

Michelle was interesting and had a cool personal story. Her parents died and she is very close to her brother. She is also romantically interested in Erica’s brother although his job makes it hard for them to be together.

I haven’t read other books in this series and  I found the cast of characters a bit large and hard to follow. This might have been okay if I had read other books in this series but for a single read it was just too much for me and I frequently got secondary characters confused with one another.

The mystery started off interesting but I thought the conclusion was only so so.  Also, the mystery is pretty much solved by a stray cat more than the detective work of the main characters.

If you like cozy mysteries this one is okay. It isn’t anything spectacular and I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to read it but it is an enjoyable one time read.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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2 Responses to Review of Truffled to Death: A Chocolate Covered Mystery

  1. ryandejonghe says:

    The title of the book sounds better than the book itself. Too many characters gets me flummoxed!

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