Review of Lady Gabrielle

Lady Gabrielle: A Victorian Bride Romance Short Story: Book 1 (A Huntington Saga Series Novel)

Summary- Lady Gabrielle meets Mr. Blakemor and decides to choose love over money and status.

My rating:


Overall I really didn’t like Lady Gabrielle (Free on Amazon as of this blog post) but it did do a few things right. It did not have any glaring punctuation or grammar mistakes (which are common in indie work). The author also added quite a but of period detail which I don’t expect in such a short book usually. This book also was very short which is the main reason I finished reading it. Otherwise, I would have quit after opening.

The book opens with Lady Gabrielle being “attacked” by a corgi. The dog isn’t biting her but does have her dress in his mouth. So, Mr. Blakemor throws rocks at the dog to scare him off. I’m sorry, but I just am not going to fall for any hero who throws rocks at small dogs.

Still, this apparent act of bravery gets Lady Gabrielle to fall in love with him. Apparently, throwing rocks at the dog somehow shows “he was patient, tolerant, and compassionate.” By the time he has walked her to the door she is madly in love and so is he.

They next meet at a ball and decide that after their two meetings they are madly in love and that she needs to run away with him because “he had proved his good heart in every instance.” Again, all we have seen is him throw rocks at a small dog to rescue her dress.

Still, she runs off with him. Lady Gabrielle realizes that as long as she can have this rock throwing “hero” she can be happy even if it means a life of poverty.

The dialogue was stiff and the story not well developed.

This was a pretty awful book I am sorry to say and I rarely think that.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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