Review of Murder to Go

Murder to Go (Food Truck Mysteries #1)

Summary- Maeve inherits a food truck from her aunt. When another food truck owner is brutally murdered the investigation leaves her a suspect. She also becomes curious about her aunts unexpected demise.

My rating: 3/5

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Maeve is a young adult who was living at home after college until she inherited the food truck. I did feel like we didn’t learn much about her but it is book one in the series so probably she will be better developed later on. I did think she was interesting and I wanted to learn more about her on a personal level. I didn’t like that she was very boy crazy. Every time she meets a boy she checks him out and that got pretty annoying after a while. When she described the first hottie I thought she and him were going to hook up but by the third hunk I just was annoyed with her acting like a cat in heat.

The mystery was pretty interesting until the very end. I didn’t like the conclusion and didn’t think it was very believable or well thought out. Many questions were left unanswered and that didn’t sit well with me. The conclusion itself seemed pretty unreasonable and I didn’t feel like the reader was given enough good clues for the whole thing to make sense.

The writing was decent and up until about 3/4 the book was pretty good.

I can’t recommend this book because of the poor conclusion but I wouldn’t mind reading other books by this author especially once she has some time to become more skilled in the mystery genre.


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