Review of Pampered to Death

Pampered to Death (A Jaine Austen Mystery, #10)

Summary- Jaine Austen’s friend Lance gives her the gift of a trip to a deluxe spa. What he doesn’t tell her is that is is actually a weight loss resort. Jaine fully intends to leave but one of the other visitors of the resort is murdered and the police tell everyone they can’t leave town. Jaine must solve the murder ASAP to return to a world where celery juice cocktails are not considered happy hour.

My rating:


Pampered to Death is one of the books I have most enjoyed in the Jaine Austen mystery series. I am about halfway through the series and while I have yet to find one that I didn’t enjoy at least some many were not as fun as Pampered to Death.

I need to explain that one of the reasons I found this book so appealing is that I am overweight. Women without an unhealthy obsession with food may not relate to this book the way I did. Jaine takes the ideas and emotions of a dieting woman to the extreme and I thought it was hilarious. I also can totally relate to the frustration of being the most out of shape person in a workout group (though for anyone interested I actually do go to the gym 3 times a week and eat fairly healthy these days).

The Jaine Austen series as a whole has a humor much like classic television. The situations are more extreme than realistic much like I Love Lucy, the Munsters, etc.

Examples: Not only is all the food light and carb free but the resort’s cook is basically a teen with a summer job who manages to cook the food into tasteless lumps. So, Jaine isn’t just stuck eating fish and chicken but eating fish and chicken that have been cooked to wet tasteless slime.

If you are looking for a realistic book this isn’t it. Pampered to Death  is outlandishly funny and entertaining.

The main complaint I have about this book was the solution to the mystery. I have found that many of the Jaine Austen books are hit or miss in the mystery department with more misses than hits.

The solution to the mystery  wouldn’t have been too bad except that the author has used the same or similar twists at the end of a few other books in the series and it felt really old. I wanted to roll my eyes once I realized what was happening.

Still, this book was worth the read for entertainment value.


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  1. needeanshu says:

    I actually love reading your reviews and realise m loving Jaine more and more.. Hope I find the books at a stall here.. M eager to read them them now.. It’s a pleasure reading your posts.. Looking forward to more Jaine.. 😉😊

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