Review of the PMS Murder

The PMS Murder (A Jaine Austen Mystery #5)

Summary- Jaine Austen’s best girlfriend Kandi recently got engaged. Needless to say Jaine is missing the girlfriend time she usually shared with her bestie so when she meets Pam and is invited to join a group of women who meet to talk about all things feminine she can’t resist. The PMS club welcomes Jaine and she is just starting to get comfortable and make friends when one of the members is murdered and evidence suggests that the murderer was a PMS member. Naturally, Jaine can’t help but investigate to find out which of her fellow club members and new friends might be the killer.

My rating: 3/5

Jaine Austen reads are light and fun. They are always high on entertainment value if often low on realism.

In The PMS Murder I  really enjoyed seeing Jaine interact with new friends. I have read most of the books in the series and her usual buddies Lance and Kandi can get pretty tedious. Among other things they are very different from Jaine and it is sometimes a wonder why they are friends. The women of the PMS club are more like Jaine and at least I understood why she was drawn to them.

The woman who was killed was the meanie of the group so I didn’t mourn her at all but I was surprised at who the eventual killer was. I thought their motive was really weak but I did think it was nice that Levine threw in a bit of a twist at the ending. In some of the recent Jaine Austen books I had read the killer ended up being a character who was disguising themselves or who was a barely there character with a seemingly random motive for murder. I was glad that Levine chose the murderer she did in this book but I wish their motive had been better.

Also, the secondary storyline in this book involving Jaine’s parents was a hoot. In every book in the series (that I have read anyways) Jaine recieves emails from her mom and dad. Usually, her dad is getting into some kind of trouble and her mother is trying to fix it or to at least minimize the damage. In one book he got tons of yard gnomes and went up against the homeowners association president when he was told they were an eye sore. In another he was in a cooking competition and snuck into a competitors house sure that she had stolen his secret spice to keep him from winning with his popcorn chicken dish (literal popcorn not small sized chicken pieces).I thought her parents story in this book was one of the better ones.

Overall, this series is fun to read and I highly recommend it though this is not one of my favorite books in the series.


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  1. needeanshu says:

    Yet Another amazing read.. 👌

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