Review of Wound Up in Murder

Wound Up in Murder (Yarn Retreat, #3)

Summary- Casey hosts yarn retreats and apparently things always go terribly wrong. This time, the soon to be ex wife of the organizer of another retreat that is taking place in the same hotel as the yarn retreat is murdered and Casey’s ex boyfriend is the lead suspect. Casey must investigate to clear his name even though it will mean getting in the way of her current boyfriend who is a cop.

My rating: 3/5

Review of Wound Up in Murder

I didn’t have much in the way of feelings for Casey. I don’t know what it was but I just couldn’t get fully invested in her though I actually really liked some of the secondary characters especially Sammy the ex who is the murder suspect. I also like Casey’s cat Julius.

The mystery itself was so so. I had times where I was pretty into the mystery but also quite a few times when I could have put the book down without finishing. Sammy being the prime suspect felt wrong and the fact that the police were so interested in him felt off. The victim did ruin his magician’s act and was strangled with his streamer but Sammy is a doctor for crying out loud. Most doctors who moonlight as magicians are not going to strangle someone with a streamer. If he really wanted to kill her I am sure his advanced medical training would have given him the knowledge to kill her and make it look like an accident. The victim also had more obvious suspects like her soon to be ex husband and his love interest.

Casey’s guilt for Sammy moving to Cadbury to be with her was annoying and Sammy was a good guy who I liked better than her new cop boyfriend (who is okay but doesn’t have as much personality).

In fairness, this is the first book in the series I have read so there might be a whole lot more to it than I expected.

Additionally, there is another mystery taking place as a secondary story line which involved a secret heir. This story is introduced in chapter one and new readers are just thrown into it (I assume it came about in a previous book). It is a weird case and I never felt like I completely understood what was going on with it nor did I care much.

The resolutions of both were not too obvious until close to the reveal which was nice. I do like when a mystery makes sense but keeps me guessing.

Overall, this might be a good series to start from the beginning of. There are some fun characters and I am sure that anyone who likes knitting will appreciate that aspect of the book. I don’t recommend having this book as your intro to the series though it is a decent read with some slow spots along the way.


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