Review of Alpha Docs: The Making of A Cardiologist

Alpha Docs: The Making of a Cardiologist

Summary- A memoir of a man working to become a cardiologist.

My rating: 4/5

Overall Alpha Docs is an awesome book if you are interested in medicine. I work in a hospital doing clerical work so I really enjoy books about the medical field. The author made sure to break down words and processes so that even those with minimal amounts of medical understanding could understand the book. I thought that was really great. There is always a risk when you read a memoir involving doctors that they will overwhelm you with jargon. That didn’t happen in this book.

Daniel takes us on his journey through different training areas as he tries to decide what kind of cardiology he wants to practice. Some of the areas such as nuclear are more technical than patient centered and Daniel (as well as this reader) doesn’t find them as fun and interesting as the centers where he offers patient centered care such as during his time in the cardiac intensive care unit.

Readers will learn about the different kinds of cardiology that Cardiology Fellows study and will also learn some about heart health.

The most enjoyable part of this book to me is to read the patient stories (all changed to protect patient privacy of course). I felt like the book could have used more of these for sure as they were my favorite part of the book.

Overall this is an awesome book and I would recommend it. There are a few places where it gets slow and I would have really enjoyed more patient stories but I still highly recommend this book.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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