Review of Every Crooked Nanny

Before I begin my review today I just want to thank all my readers for their support. A Family For Nicholas, my newest novel, is doing amazing. I never imagined any of my books having such an amazing first day.

My first novel Educating Autumn sold maybe 4 copies the first month it was out. A Family For Nicholas sold more than 20 copies on the first day. That may not seem like much to the authors on here who generate thousands of sales on release day but for me it was an amazing milestone and I just wanted to thank everyone for their support.

Every Crooked Nanny (Callahan Garrity Mystery, #1)

Summary- Callahan is a former cop who has since left the force and opened up a cleaning business called House Mouse. Callahan is hired to clean house for an old sorority sister whose nanny just happens to have gone missing. It doesn’t take long for Callahan to end up putting back on her detective hat to solve the mystery.

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My rating- 3/5

Before I start my review I want to say that I  listened to the audio book version of this novel over the course of about two weeks which may or may not have influenced how I felt about it.

Overall, I really liked this book and my rating would actually be closer to a 3.5 stars than just a regular old 3 stars but I couldn’t quite give it 4.

Callahan is an awesome character who I really liked from the start. She is great to her employees and a loving and compassionate person but with a hint of tough cop remaining. I also really enjoyed her mother who she lives with and who helps her run House Mouse.

Some of the secondary characters were fun as well but I have to admit there were times when I felt overwhelmed and had a hard time keeping everyone straight. There were all the House Mouse employees, Callahan’s sorority sister and her family, several cop friends, several people connected to the missing nanny, several government officials, and medical staff too. I felt like it was just a bit much.

Every Crooked Nanny has several secondary story lines and there are actually two intertwined mysteries going on. The missing nanny who is later found murdered and the contents of some missing papers that she presumably had with her but that were not found with her body. There was so much going on that I sometimes felt overwhelmed especially since it was book one in the series and I was trying to get used to the many characters etc. I felt like the story line involving Callahan’s health concern could have waited until book two even though it did play a role near the end of the mystery.

The mystery itself was intriguing as there were many elements to it but I felt only so so about the ending. There were certainly hints along the way of who the killer was but it was just a bit unusual and their motive was not what I expected.

One thing that I had some mixed feelings about with the book was the portrayal of Mormonism. I was raised Mormon and though I am no longer practicing it is still near and dear to my heart. I can’t say exactly that I was bothered by the portrayal and I did understand that much of it was meant to be comedic but it still didn’t necessarily sit well with me. Mormonism is a fascinating and complicated religion and the book made some elements of Mormonism just seem crazy without any explanations which could have been given by some character to help educate the detective since she says she wants information as the nanny was posing as a Mormon in order to be hired. I know I said before that there were already too many characters so perhaps this complaint is counter intuitive but I just felt that Callahan says she wants to understand but then she doesn’t get good information and elements of the religion are largely taken out of context.

This book was a good read and I think mystery lovers will enjoy it though it is perhaps a bit longer than absolutely necessary. I may read another of the books in this series because I really did enjoy Callahan and the writer’s style and sense of humor (most of the time). This book was humorous and kept me guessing until the end. If you pick this up be prepared for the large cast of characters and complex plots. Reading it over the span of a few weeks is not really ideal for a book this complex. If I had been able to read it in one sitting I might have enjoyed it more and had less trouble keeping track of everything and everyone.


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