Review of Death by Pantyhose

Death by Pantyhose (A Jaine Austen Mystery, #6)

Summary- Jaine Austen is not having the best of times. Her car has been stolen, she keeps being embarrassed in front of Andrew (her newest love interest), and yet another client is being investigated for murder.

The client in question is a comedian whose act includes tossing a pair of pantyhose off the stage at the end of her act. Her ex is found strangled by a pair of pantyhose which naturally leaves her as the prime suspect.

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My rating: 3/5

This series is very entertaining though it is often as unrealistic as television shows of the past like I Love Lucy, Green Acres, and Mr. Ed. The situations Jaine gets herself into are so unrealistic and out there that even a person with the worlds worst luck wouldn’t be able to experience it all. The book starts off with Jaine heading to a big job interview but when she gets there the man she thinks she is being interviewed by steals her car instead. She is forced to get a rental and naturally the rental is a lemon. That is what how the life of Jaine Austen goes and it is an entertaining read but certainly very light.

(Spoilers for other books in series)I have read almost the whole series and I can say that this mystery is one of the better ones. The killer has a semi reasonable motive and is someone that the readers actually has a hope of guessing. In other books killers have had ridiculous motives (such as stealing a lottery ticket) or been people in disguise who are revealed later to be connected to the victim (mistreated sister so well disguised that she could work as a housekeeper for her evil sister and not be found out by any family member). There has even been a killer with no real motive but they wanted to set someone up so they could steal her boyfriend and so they framed her for murder but had no connection to victim at all. Compared to those, this murder made good sense and was pretty decent. (End Spoilers)

Jaine’s parents usually add a humorous side story to the book but this story isn’t one of the better ones. Jaine’s mother gives some of her father’s clothes to the thrift store and he tries to find them. Her father even attacks a stranger because he believes the guy is wearing his shirt. Usually, Jaine’s dad just comes off as a bit eccentric but I felt like this one made him more of a bumbling buffoon which I didn’t care for.

Still, this series is funny and worth reading. This book wasn’t the best in the series but it also wasn’t the worst.


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