Review of Beyond Buggies and Bonnets: Seven True Stories of Former Amish

Beyond Buggies and Bonnets: Seven true stories of former Amish

Summary- Brenda’s son in law is  former Amish and many youth leaving the Amish make their way through her doors. She is fascinated by their culture and eager to learn their stories.

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My rating: 4/5

This book was fairly short and I read it in one evening. Overall, it was an interesting read. I have always been fascinated by Amish culture and customs and it is fascinating to learn about them.

I think that Brenda’s fascination with the culture allows her not only to help youth but also to ask many of the “right” questions about the culture and I got many insights that I wasn’t fully aware of (such as how vastly the different groups of Amish differ in their rules).

One of the difficulties of writing about a culture you have never lived in and are mostly learning about through people who have left it is that some things may not be fully explained or accurate. I am not saying anything that she was told was wrong but there were a few things that made me wonder if she was getting the full story. I was raised in a very conservative faith which I am no longer active in but I often hear other people who have left the faith say things that are a bit incorrect or misleading either because they don’t fully understand or because they weren’t full fledged members of the faith and so there were some things that they weren’t privy to. Most of what Brenda learns about Amish culture is through the eyes of teens who were raised in it but not baptized into the faith so it is possible that some of the information may not be fully correct. Again, I am not saying it isn’t but that just raised a red flag for me so I will be taking much of what I learned from the book with a grain of salt.

I would recommend this book to anyone fascinated by the Amish culture. It left me with many things to consider.


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