Review of Farewell the East End

Farewell to the East End: The Last Days of the East End Midwives

Summary- This is the final book in the Midwife Trilogy. It tells tales of Jennifer’s time as a nurse and midwife.

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My rating: 4/5

I think of all the books in the series this one was the most emotional read for me though I am not really sure why. I just know that I didn’t cry when reading the others but did with this one.

The stories in this series are good and the books stylistically remind me of James Herriot’s series about his time as a veterinarian.

The stories are less dramatic in many ways than the television series created from it because of the distance of the author from the events.

Also, I found the end unsettling. I know it is a memoir and so Jennifer was obligated to tell how everything turned out but especially because I watch the series I didn’t want to know how people died or where they ended up.

If you are a fan of the series this book is the most different from the television show so if you are in love with the television series this book might disappoint.

For fans of history these books are interesting reads and I highly recommend them.


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