Review of Nightmare on Elf Street

Nightmare on Elf Street is one of several short works in Secret Santa.

Secret Santa

Summary- Jaine Austen must take a job as a Santa’s elf in order to have a shot at a big writing gig. Naturally, Santa is murdered on the job and Jaine has to figure out who killed Santa.

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My rating: 3/5

I only read Nightmare on Elf Street and my rating and comments only have to do with that story. I believe this Jaine Austen story is the last one I needed to read to have read all that currently exist. Yay!

I am a fan of the series and this story was pretty typical of the series except more compact. It was missing the stories of Jaine’s parents which are some of the best parts of the series and I absolutely missed them in this book.

Lance, Jaine’s best friend was a jerk in this book. Sometimes he is more of a jerk then others and in this one he was fairly jerky but not as much as in some of the other books. Jaine’s friendship with him can be grating because of how he treats her. Jaine believes, or at least tells that reader, that Lance is always there for her when she really needs him but I think that only comes through in some books. I didn’t feel it much in this one.

The mystery was one of the good ones where the reader is given some reasonable clues about the murder and one of the people Jaine suspects is actually the murdered which doesn’t always happen in this series.

Prozac, Jaine’s cat is my favorite character in the series and she was her usual wonderful and obnoxious self.

It was a good but shore Jaine Austen. I would have liked to see it as a full length work and I think it could easily have been made one.

Still, it was a good read.


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