Review of Why A Students Work for C Students and B Students Work for the Government


Summary: Why A Students Work for C Students is by the author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad series and primarily talks about educating children on finances because the schools are set up to teach kids to be employees and bureaucrats but not entrepreneurs.

My Rating:3/5

Overall, I do agree that schools don’t provide adequate financial training for kids however I am less inclined to believe it is some kind of conspiracy to keep people employees.
I am of the personal opinion that many people prefer to be employees and maybe dabble in entrepreneurial things. True entrepreneurs are few and far between these days which is probably a good thing because employees and bureaucrats are in demand to run business and we would be lost without the millions of men and women who work typical jobs. I have to admit I am one of those. I work at a hospital in a clerical position. On the side I have a small business.
Mind you, I am not saying there is anything wrong with entrepreneurs. I think they are amazing. I just think that the author presents facts as if there is a conspiracy to keep people employees.
I love how the author looks at how groups are taxed. He made many really cool points about why tax breaks are given to entrepreneurs and why the richest people pay low taxes. It helped me think about taxes and how they work in our system.
I think this author has many really good ideas especially about educating children to understand taxes and options for entrepreneurial enterprises but many parts of the books also felt like a sales pitch for his board game Cash Flow. Similarly, I felt that he didn’t look into many options for investment besides real estate. He did mention stocks as middle class investments but not for the rich and he touched on how the rich generally own real estate and have businesses but he didn’t go very in depth. I felt he was biased towards real estate and his book is less useful if you know that real estate investment isn’t for you.
This book is worth reading once and there are some pearls of wisdom in it but the pearls are in the middle of sales pitches and repetition.


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