Book Review: In the Midst of Life


Summary: Commentary and anecdotes about death, dying, and medicine.

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In the Midst of Life is different than the other books by Jennifer Worth. I wasn’t expecting what I got at all and I imagine that this book disappointed many people.

This book is not like the Call the Midwife books which was what I was expecting more or less. I thought this book would be a collection of stories about Jennifer’s time working with dying patients. There are some stories about that in this book but it also has other information such as the history of hospice and tons of info about CPR and other “heroic measures” hospitals use to attempt to save patients.

My own background in medicine still made this book an interesting read and I did enjoy it but I feel like it isn’t something everyone would like. Especially because the purpose seems to be to make people think about about their own wishes when they or their loved ones become terminally ill.

I do think this book is worth reading but it is important to know what it is about going in otherwise this book may be too dark and depressing to be enjoyed.

I do think Ms. Worth brings up many interesting points and the book certainly changed my perspectives on CPR and other intensive care that I sometimes see happening around me at the hospital where I work.

I enjoyed the stories in the book and cried often while reading it. I wish there had been more stories and less commentary and I think Ms. Worth made her position on CPR and other resuscitation measures very clear. I am not sure it altered my personal opinions but it gave me quite a bit to think on.


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