Book Review: The Making of Home: The 500 Year Story of How Our Houses Became Our Homes


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Summary- The Making of Home is a non fiction book about the changes that happened in the world that resulted in or homes evolving as they did. For instance at one time people took their windows when they moved. Windows were considered part of the furniture not the structure.

My rating: 4/5

Overall this was a very fun book to read and as soon as it was finished I went searching for other books by this author. I am very excited to see what else she has written.

The information in this book was lots of fun. I loved how the author explained the social changes and ideas that shaped how our houses are put together now. I think many of us assume that in the past the houses we have now would be ideals. In truth, a person traveling from the past to our time would be confused by much of what we do. Privacy is something we hold dear but in the past it just wasn’t practical and so people didn’t value it the way we do. Heating required people to group together and do tasks in limited space so that they could stay warm. That is just one thing this book mentions that I really enjoyed.

The author includes several historic illustrations and leads the reader through the differing histories suggested by art and written accounts/household inventories.

There were times that this book got a bit slow and by the time I was near the end I was ready to move on to another book adventure. Still, for history lovers I think this book is a good choice.


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One Response to Book Review: The Making of Home: The 500 Year Story of How Our Houses Became Our Homes

  1. nruhwald says:

    I love books like this one. I have a somewhat similar book on table manners that I read often. I’ll have to give “The Making of Home” a try.

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