Book Review: Mistborn the Final Empire


Summary- Vin and Kelsier both are Allomancers. They can consume metals and end up with special powers. They are part of an oppressed people and they team up with a crew of others with similar powers to take on the powers of their Empire.

Rating: 4/5

This book was fun and imaginative. It is the first book by Sanderson I have read and I do plan to read more.

The book reminded me a bit of Red Rising though I liked this better. Vin is an orphan and a thief. She is alone in the world. Kelsier is a hero because he survived against impossible odds. Both characters have really good motivation to hate the Empire and want to change things for their people. There are two main races in the book. One is part of the aristocracy and the other is a servant race. Both have certain abilities and limitations. For instance the aristocrats have difficulties breeding while the servants often have many children. Crossbreeding is forbidden but both Vin and Kelsier are mixed.

Kelsier recruits Vin to help overthrow the government. Part of her role is to play the part of an aristocrat so she can gather information. I thought those parts of the book were most amusing. I especially liked that Vin comes to see that all aristocrats are not bad people. Many are only misguided or trapped in the role the Empire has given them.

I did find some parts of the book a bit slow though usually any slowness picked up within a chapter or scene change.

I think that my biggest difficulty with this book is that it is a lot of work to read. Everyone has unusual names, the different races of people and their functions were confusing, and remembering what metal caused which ability made me stumble a few times. There is an index in the back.

This is the kind of book that would be great to read over the course of a weekend but was challenging to read in pieces as I did. I am a busy mom so most of my reading time is during soccer practice or at lunch at work. I would not recommend trying to read this book in such a choppy way.

I also was left with many unanswered questions but since this is just book one in the series I assume those questions will be answered in later books.

If you enjoy fantasy books with complex world building then this is a great read.


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