Book Review: Faking It by Cora Carmack

I was recently reading other book reviews and I came across this. I did a review of this book last year. Was interesting to see where we shared opinions and where we differed.

Hello Beautiful Book Blog

I freaking Love Cade. He is so adorable!

Golden Boy and Angry Girl:
 photo PhotoGrid_1454511426073_zpsmx6mnggn.jpg

Cade is the best friend of Bliss in Losing It and I have to admit, for a time there I was really rooting for him because he was so sweet with her and just really loved her, but he got his heart broken in the end.

I let people go.

Cade has recently moved to Philly from Texas to pursue his acting career, go to grad school and try to leave the past behind him. It has been really hard considering Bliss and Garrick are in the same city until a hurricane with tattoos blows into his life. Now Cade has an acting gig he just can’t pass up – being Max’s fake boyfriend. Cade is trying to get over some things in the past and just maybe Max will be his ticket out of the…

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