Book Review: Fablehaven #5 Keys to the Demon Prison


Summary: The Sphinx is determined to open the demon prison. With Kendra’s parents and brother being held captive it appears no one will be able to stop them.

My rating: 4/5

I have to confess that this is my least favorite of the Fablehaven books. I would love to brush it off as reading fatigue or series fatigue but I genuinely think this book was not as good as the others.

Don’t get me wrong. It was still a good book. I am not saying it was poor. I am just saying that I wanted more from last Fablehaven book. Especially when book 4 was my absolute favorite of the series.

The book did provide an appropriate ending to the series and I loved that the author really let things get as bad as it could. Other writers might have had Kendra and Seth prevent the opening of the Demon Prison. Not Mull. He let the Demon Prison be opened and then had Seth and Kendra kick the butts of the worst of the worst demons with the help of thier allies.

I think the primary issue I had with this book was the pacing. Many of the previous books had action but also lots of world exploring and back story. This book was mostly action. I put the book down many times feeling like I just was wore out and wanted to be done with the series. So much was going on. It almost was too much.

Another thing I did not care for as much was that this book felt a bit more “moralistic” than the others. It felt like the author was really using this book to teach about good and evil more than in the previous books. And in some instances I did not agree with him. Seth kept his word even though it was to a demon. Consequences were bad but I don’t think Seth could not have kept his word. I certainly could not have respected him if he hadn’t. I think especially the questions in the Reading Guide were very moralistic.

Bracken, a human avatar for a unicorn, is introduced and becomes a romantic interest for Kendra. I was a bit disappointed. Character wise I liked Gavin much better than Bracken. In book 5 Gavin betrayed the group but prior to that he was a sweet geeky guy who I would totally have dated. Bracken is kinda the ideal hunky Brad Pitt of the Fairy world. I was pretty disappointed that  Kendra fell so hard for him.

This book was decent just not my favorite in the series. I do plan to read other books by Brandon Mull and he may become one of my go to writers like Rick Riordan.


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