Book Review: Morgue: A Life in Death



Dr. DiMaio talks about his involvement as a Medical Examiner in several high profile crimes.

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I really enjoy books like these. Dr. DiMaio talks about being a Medical Examiner. He also explains the difference between a Medical Examiner and a Coroner (and this is pretty scary stuff. Did you know Coroners don’t have to be MD? If I am murdered please send someone who went to medical school!).

The first story covered in the book was the death of Trayvon Martin. I had heard about the case and it was interesting to get more info. There were several other cases that Dr. DiMaio talked about that I had heard of as well so I found that exciting to get more info on a few cases I was familiar with and then also many that I weren’t.

Overall, Dr. DiMaio makes sure the the science is easy to understand and that the reader can comprehend the explanations. I have read so many similar books where the science part ends up dry. That wasn’t much of a problem in this book.

One thing about this book that made it important but also disturbing was that in some of the cases presented justice was not done.

Dr. DiMaio presented one case where a step-dad was accused of abusing his step-child. The forensic information showed that the child died of congenital heart defect and that the “injuries” were caused by the families attempts at CPR. Dad went to jail anyways. I know this happens but especially as the mother of children being raised with both a step-mom and step-dad I was horrified that biases against step parents ended up overriding medical evidence. To see it in action really makes me angry at our justice system. Also, I am living in one of the remaining places that has a Coroner instead of a Medical Examiner. I cannot tell you how much that makes me unhappy.

I learned a great deal from this book and it was fascinating though it also was far from a nice pleasant read.

If you are into true crime type books and enjoy the science part of crime solving then this book is a good one to read.


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