Book Review: Mating Season


Summary: Michael meets his mate Justin.

My rating: 3/5

I had very mixed feelings about this book. I think this could have been a much better book if it was longer. Everything happened really fast and if it had been slowed down a bit I think it would have been much better overall.

The story itself is intriguing. Michael is a “legendary bear” who has a rivalry going with his brother.

Justin’s father has brought him to hunt the legendary bears but when Michael sees Justin he realizes that Justin is his mate. Michael’s brother kills Justin’s father and Michael must take Justin into hiding to prevent his death as well. About this point Michael makes a discovery about Justin’s parentage which leads to the whole mpreg part of the story. I should add that this is the first mpreg book I have tried so my observations are overall not necessarily what the expectations for the genre are.

The sex was hot but about one level too much for me.

I didn’t really like Justin much. He was kinda a cry baby. That really drove me crazy. I am not saying the boy had no reason to cry but with the book being so short it felt to me like all he did was cry.

I liked Michael overall but his dialogue really bugged me. It was weird and he kept calling Justin “my love.” That might be a trope of these type stories but it just felt really weird to me and it made the dialogue flow poor.

My other issue with the book was that there wasn’t much to Michael and Justin’s romance. Basically Michael sees him and there is a spark. Then they get down and dirty. Then Michael is “my love”ing all over the place.

Again, this book had good potential but I felt like it didn’t live up to.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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