Book Review: The Baby Battle


Summary: Tag receives a notice that there was a mix-up at the lab and he is now a father. After the death of his wife he didn’t expect ever to have a family. Unfortunately, the baby’s mother Olivia is less than eager to share her bundle of joy.

My Rating:


I like Harlequin romances for a quick read. This one was okay but not one of my favorites.

I was very excited about the plot. The idea that Tag is still mourning the loss of his wife and that he gets a second chance at a family is a really neat story and one that had a whole lot of potential.

I liked Tag but had a really hard time liking Olivia. I think she is meant to be just an overprotective mother but there are times she behaves terribly and ends up being unlikable. I was really upset when she ran off with the baby in an attempt to hide him from Tag. It was a real jerk move and inappropriate for her job and level of education.

There were some really cute moments when Tag was being a new dad and learning how to care for the baby. I definitely enjoyed his parenting scenes.

Besides disliking Olivia there are several places in this book that just didn’t work for me. For instance, once Olivia tries to sneak away with the baby and Tag finds her she is pretty quick to hang out with him. I could have handled that but then they are at this resort for a while and she starts to really like him. Then suddenly it is all “lets move in together.” For as adamant as she was about not sharing her baby she gave up pretty quick. Also, I felt like the writer worked too hard to make Tag a “catch”. I adored him for his interaction with his son and his pain over his dead wife. I didn’t need him to have a mansion too.  His house has 30 bedrooms (pg 125) and a “pillared marble soaking tub” (128) that basically appears like an indoor pool. Daddy, mommy, and baby swim in it at bath time. I am not even kidding.

Olivia gets frustrated that Tag is still in love with his dead wife and especially that her pictures are everywhere. Her jealousy of the dead wife almost broke the couple up. He lives in a freaking mansion he built for his wife but Olivia thinks he should just get over her because she had his baby. I just really wasn’t feeling that at all.

This book had a cool story line and so much potential. It was an okay read but I felt like it could have been much better.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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