Book Review: Maid to Murder


Summary: Maids at the Pennyfoot hotel keep ending up dead. They are naked, strangled, and missing a shoe. Cecily, the hotel owner, must find the killer before her hotel is shut down.

My rating:


This book is hard for me to give a fair review to. I picked it up on impulse because it was a historical mystery which I am currently really enjoying. I had never read another book in this series and it turned out this was the final book in the series. I gave it a 3/5 but for my experience it was closer to a 2.5/5.

This book was clearly not a good entry point to the series and instead a wrap up so there were a ton of characters who basically hooked up with their loves. By the time the book was through there were three couples engaged and hints that another couple was around the corner from an engagement. Cecily spends the majority of the book missing her boyfriend’s proposals or being re-proposed to when the initial proposal wasn’t ideal. The characters were okay but overwhelming. This was probably due to the book wrapping everything up.

I could almost forgive the character issues as it is the last book in the series but I was very disappointed in the mystery. Having never read the series before I don’t know what is normal for this series mystery wise but as a stand alone experience the mystery was disappointing and honestly pretty weird. I had no idea how things were going to turn out and when the killer was unveiled I just was scratching my head.

I liked the setting details though some of the dialogue was a bit over the top. I get that the writer was trying to show accents of time and place but I think it was a bit much.

This book was not what I hoped. I would not pick this book up as a stand alone mystery. At some point I may go back and try an older book in the series and see if the main issue was just that this was the final book. I read lots of mystery series and most can be entered anywhere along the series. I don’t think that is true for this series.



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4 Responses to Book Review: Maid to Murder

  1. I stand corrected. This was not the last book in the series though it appeared to be.

  2. Cute cover. I would have been curious to read it also.

  3. I did love the cover. It looked like it was going to be such a fun read. I was so disappointed.

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