Book Review: Knit Your Own Murder


Summary: Maddy, a local knitter is killed at a charity auction. Joe, the prime suspect, asks Betsy to prove him innocent.


My Rating: 3/5

This books was only so-so for me and I probably won’t read anymore in the series. This is the first I have read so I have no idea if any of the others are better.

I thought the murder of Maddy was interesting (murder by poisoned yarn) but the mystery itself was a bit obvious. I guessed it really early on.

I also didn’t care for the fact that there were so many view points in the book. I am used to mysteries following just one or two. This one had far too many. Again, if I had read all the other books in the series I might have cared more but it felt like they were subplots added as filler because the mystery wasn’t very strong.

My other issue with the book was that it made two social statements about prejudices.

A young boy is investigated based on his skin color. “You’d think this country would have gotten over that racist sickness a long time ago,” (188).

Also, a family feud erupts due to a gay wedding proposal.

I don’t have a problem with books that touch on social issues and maybe that is important in this series but it just wasn’t something I was really expecting in a cozy mystery especially when it had no relevance to the murder.

At the very least this book is not a good entry point into the series.

I don’t expect to read any more of the series but if you are into knitting mysteries you might start earlier in this series. Don’t start with this one.




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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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