Book Review: Murder on Washington Square


Summary: Sarah Brandt’s neighbor is being investigated for murder and she is sure he is innocent. She begs Frank Malloy to solve the case and apprehend the real killer so that her neighbor can get his life back together.

My rating:


The mystery on this book was a bit less exciting than past ones have been but the emotions was awesome and well worth the read even if I was pretty sure I knew who the killer was as soon as they were introduced.

So much happened in this book’s character arc including more or Sarah’s relationship with her parents being featured. In the past it has been very tense but this time it was nice to see her coming to her father for advice and information and him showing a softer side to him.

Sarah’s relationship with her neighbor has been pretty well developed so far but it was fun to see Mrs. Ellsworth take center stage. The reader got to see her being a strong woman and not just a crazy neighbor obsessed with omens. It is also the first time Nelson Ellsworth has played any important role.

Malloy and Sarah also took several steps forward in their friendship during this book and there is hints that it will be turning romantic (the sooner the better!).

I love this series and highly recommend it.

If you already know and love the series my main comment for you would be to pick this book up with the next one, Murder on Mulberry Bend, because the end is a bit of a tease. It isn’t a cliff hanger exactly because the murder on Washington Square is resolved but two things happen at the end that will leave you rushing to the book store as soon as they open to find out what in the world ended up happening next. I am so glad I just recently started the series and have several books to binge read. This one would have been torture if I had to wait for the next one to be published.





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