Book Review:Murder on Marble Row



Summary: Gregory Van Dyke is killed by an explosion and Sarah’s father asks Roosevelt to put Malloy on the case. Naturally, Sarah can’t stop herself from becoming involved as well.

My rating: 5/5

This is the first of the series where I didn’t actually know who the killer was until close to when Sarah and Malloy found out. As far as mysteries in this series I think this one was one of the best. It certainly was the most interesting so far.

Malloy and Sarah’s relationship continues to improve and I loved that Malloy took his son to meet a deaf family. The last several books have been focused on his sons legs. It was good to get the focus back on his deafness which I find more intriguing.

I also really liked seeing more of Sarah’s mother. I read reviews of the last book and one of readers biggest complaints was that Sarah is interacting more with her parents. I actually like the interaction with them. I don’t want to see Sarah turn her back on the life she has made but I do think that being a strong woman who still can interact with her disapproving parents adds to who Sarah is.

I also was fascinated by the social issues addressed in the book. The anarchist were a new and interesting element that I was pleased to learn about. Much of the other happenings in the book were rather same old same old (adultery/romance between different classes/ forbidden love).

Seeing Malloy try to please Roosevelt was also an interesting dynamic. Up until now Malloy has mostly just tried to please Sarah and not get in too much trouble with his superiors. It was kind of cool to see him getting the recognition he deserved by being given important and challenging work. I think it also was neat to see people in power start to believe in him.

I am still really enjoying this series and I recommend it highly especially if you love both romance and mystery. The romance is a bit slow to develop but every book it does take at least a step forward. I am glad I didn’t start reading back when this was first published because I would have had a hard time waiting in between books. I am currently binge reading this series and I am enjoying almost every moment of it.


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