Book Review: Secrets and Lies


Summary:Ariel Martin is a pregnant widow who someone wants dead. It is up to Tristan and his faithful dog to keep her safe.

My rating: 3/5

This book started out really good. Ariel is attacked and there is an immediate sense of danger. The suspense part of the book was actually pretty good though a bit predictable where Ariel is concerned. There is a second mystery within the story that felt weird to me. I am not sure if there are other books in this series (though none are listed at the front of the book under this series. Maybe it was connected to another one of her K-9 unit series). There was a whole lot of information handed to the reader about murders and a missing puppy that happened months ago. I could have done without the side story in this book but I didn’t feel lost which was nice.

This is also a “Love Inspired” which means it is a Christian Romance. I really enjoyed that the characters expressed and explored their faith but the book avoided being preachy or over the top with religion which can sometimes be a challenge in this line of book.

Ariel and Tristan are both decent characters. Ariel is worried about her baby and Tristan is worried about his sister Mia. Mia was probably my favorite character in the book. She is an angst filled teen trying to adjust to living with her brother after the death of her parents.

I think the main thing that didn’t work for me in this book was the romance. It seemed like things happened really fast. That might not have been such a huge deal if Ariel wasn’t in the situation she is in. She had a terrible previous marriage with a very evil man. She is eight months pregnant and yet she and Tristan are falling madly in love. The whole book takes place before the baby is born so in the space of 2 months max. Yet as in every similar romance the characters end with a HEA. That is so fast especially for a character with Ariel’s past.

Tristan has his hands full with solving murders and caring for his sister yet he becomes obsessed with Ariel’s safety. The book almost implies that is because of some protectiveness that Ariel sparks in him but it just didn’t feel real to me. The character had no time to get to know each other. They just kind of came together and were suddenly madly in love. It was a very fast romance and it didn’t feel very reasonable to me. It is clear the characters can benefit each other. Neither Ariel or Tristan want to be single parents. Still, that doesn’t seem to be their primary motive to get together which would have felt more real.

This book was just okay. I can’t really recommend it.


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