Book Review: Murder on Lenox Hill


Summary: Sarah is called to check on a feeble minded girl who is has turned up pregnant though her parents are unable to figure out who the father of her baby is and the girl denies anyone doing her harm. Sarah begs for Malloys help and soon he is on a trail that leads to the murder of a clergyman.

My Rating: 4/5

Of all the books in the Gaslight Mystery Series this has been my least favorite so far (though it is still a decent one).

This book was published in 2005 and I am reading it in 2016. I need to point that out because my biggest complaint about this book is simply that the central story is overdone. I can’t get into why without including spoilers but once Malloy started to investigate and I saw what was coming I groaned a little. Of course, it may be that the topic was much fresher eleven years ago when this book was first published.

I will say that even though the central story is overdone to the point of almost being cliche I did like how the author approached the ripple effect that one crime could have on another.

Brian and Aggie play a bigger role in this book and I really am enjoying having them in the story. Not only are they a nice device to allow Sarah and Malloy to get together but they also add much more character the adults of the stories as we see the interactions. Aggie is adorable and I can’t wait until more is revealed about her past.

I am still enjoying this series very much and even though this book wasn’t my favorite it was also not a bad book. I have read many reviews that criticized how slow the Malloy/Sarah romance is going but I am actually enjoying it. Probably because I still have many books in the series to read and I am not waiting a year for each new book. I could imagine it would be a rough series to continue if I had started reading when it was first published but as a binge reading series it is pretty awesome. I find that with some televisions shows too. I am glad I didn’t have to start at the beginning because waiting to see what happened would have been tedious and painful.

This is a great series and I cannot recommend it enough though I advise starting at book one. I initially tried to jump in further down the line and honestly that doesn’t work well for this series. It is a great series though and I am excitedly anticipating the arrival of the next book.




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