Book Review: Murder on Sister’s Row


Summary: Sarah is called to a brothel to deliver a baby. The mother of the baby begs Sarah to rescue her from the brothel. She gives her the name of a charity that helps prostitutes and even after dire warnings from Malloy Sarah decides she must aid the young woman. Everything seems to be going well until the young mother reveals that her child belongs to the charity leaders husband and shortly after the charity leader is mysteriously killed. Malloy is sent to investigate and to try and clean up the mess Sarah made.

My rating: 3/5

I love this series but I didn’t love this book. I actually decided to take a short break from the series after reading this book though I do expect to return to it.

The killer in this book was predictable and from almost the beginning I knew who it was.

I really wish people would try to kill Malloy for a change. As usual the killer attempts to take out Sarah which is also getting very old. The only consolation I had was that the scene turned out better than I expected it to considering another killer in another book made an almost identical attempt on Sarah’s life in a previous book.

I also got very annoyed with both Sarah and Malloy in this book. Malloy was acting so dumb. I wanted to shake him. Sarah just was acting reckless at times and that bothered me.

I also find it really annoying that at the end of each book Sarah swears she won’t investigate any more murders when the reader knows she will. She has to or the series would end. Plain and simple.

The only thing that I liked about this book was that Malloy was starting to get disillusioned with his job. I thought he might have to pick between work and Sarah. If that had happened it would have been great. Didn’t end up happening though. Sigh.

I love this series and if you are reading the series you probably should read this one too. Just be aware that it isn’t very good.


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