Book Review: Paw Enforcement



Summary: After Officer Megan Luz fails to get along with her human companion she is given the choice to take a K-9 companion or leave the police force. Both she and her new companion, Brigit, will have some adjusting to do.


My rating:


This is the first book in the series but the second one I have read. Like the other book in this series I read I found it funny end engaging. It was difficult to put down.

The mystery was engaging though not as good as some others in the genre. Officer Luz and Brigit investigate a serial bomber in this book. I didn’t know who did it until the end and honestly I wasn’t entirely nuts about the conclusion if I am being honest.

Also, the mystery was a bit slow getting set up. Officer Luz and Brigit don’t start investigating until more than 100 pages into the story (paperback). Before that there is mostly character set up. Due to the point of view the book is written in the reader knows that there is a bomber making plans but he doesn’t really get his plans underway until significantly later.

At first Officer Luz is also a bit hard to like. In later books she gets significantly better but she came off as a bit whiny and difficult in this book.

Also, the premise of the book was a bit far fetched. She got into trouble for using her taser on her male partner who had been harassing her all day. In reality she wouldn’t have been given a dog. She would have been kicked off the force most likely. But, of course, that wouldn’t have made for as fun of a story.

I recommend this series but this book isn’t quite as good as later ones.


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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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