Book Review: Paw and Order


Summary: Now that Brigit and Megan have had some time to get used to each other they can work together to catch a thief.



I was really disappointed in this book. I have read two other books in the series and really liked them. This one I didn’t like and if it was my intro to the series I would not have kept reading. Fortunately, I know that the other books are better so I will continue and hope there are no others like this.

Megan is a real jerk in this book. She was very unlikable. In other books she is flawed but endearing. In this one she is just annoying.

The crime in this book really annoyed me because it was fairly insignificant. Book 1 had them investigating a bombing. Now, Brigit and Megan are looking for a purse thief. It just wasn’t significant enough that I could care much about the crimes taking place. Sure, thieving is wrong. But, honestly, not interesting enough for me to worry much about whether thief was caught.

This book also has a love triangle I didn’t like at all. I read later books so I knew how it turned out and that may have tainted my views on it but overall I thought it was poorly done and everyone in the love triangle looked like a jerk.

I also was sad Brigit played such a small role in this book.

I do kind of understand what the author was trying to do with this story I just didn’t care for it.

I liked the other books in this series better so if this is your first one give another a try before giving up on it.




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Hello. I am Jane B. Night. I am a writer and also one of the owners of BZ Publishing LLC.
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