Book Review: Murder in the Bowery



Frank is asked to find a newsie. He locates the boy but later the child is killed. Frank believes he led the killer to the boy and he needs answers. He soon finds that the boy’s death is connected to the death of a young lady who was the lover of a very powerful and dangerous man.

My Rating:


This book was fairly typical of this series. Nothing new or mind blowing. I wasn’t entirely sure who the killer(s) were until near the end but it wasn’t a huge surprise when it was revealed.

I did not love that the author went back to a previously used motive that was fairly unsettling last time. I know there are only so many reasons to murder someone but, without spoilers, this one has been done by her before and is not what one would necessarily expect in a Viictorian era mystery.

I also was not sure how I felt about “justice” in this book. I know that in many of these books the bad guys can’t just be turned over to the police. That is part of the point of this series. Still, I didn’t really feel like justice was served by how things ended.

I also feel a little “meh” about the overall story arc at this point. I am excited that Frank got his agency but much of the series overreaching story arc is neatly tied up with a bow. I certainly didn’t feel the sense of “I need the next book right NOW” that I have at other times in this series. Sarah does have a new pet project which is opening a hospital but for me it just doesn’t have the same stakes as the story arc up until this point.

In the earlier books in the series there was a secondary plot of will Sarah and Frank get together, who is Catherine, what will happen to Brian. All of those things are pretty much through. Hoping that the author can add some new exciting story arcs because otherwise this series will move from one of my favorites to just a decent mystery series.

Still, I recommend reading this series. It is one of my favorites. Start at book one though.


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