Book Review: The Art of Detection



Kate is a San Francisco cop called to investigate the homicide of a man obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. As evidence mounts it seems that the victims passion for mysteries might just have gotten him killed.

My Rating:



I liked the book. I didn’t quite love it but I absolutely liked it.

This is the only book I read in the series and I probably won’t read any more but it was a good mystery and a decent book.

I was drawn to the book because I like Sherlock Holmes and having a murder based around a fan of his was fun.

I liked that the book could be read without having ever read another book in the series. I generally think mysteries should be stand-alones but I find that many are hard to understand if that is the only book you have read.

So, just being an enjoyable stand alone is a ton of points in this books favor.

I really enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes themes to the book. It was a lot of fun.

There is a pretty large section of the book that was a story within a story. I wasn’t nuts about that at first but it ended up being fun to read. I do think it took away from the main action in the book a little but it is pretty important to the story.

So if it was neat why am I not going to grab more? I thought it was neat based on Sherlock Holmes theme but nothing about characters or writing made me hungry for more.

Also, and there is no PC way to say this, but there was just so much focus on gay issues. Kinda turned me off.

I am pro gay marriage. I have no problem with people being gay. Heck, I have written a gay romance and am about to start writing another. I just thought it was excessive in the book.

The main character is a lesbian (no problem there). *Slight Spoiler* Then the main plot and the sub-plot mysteries both involve gay issues. Basically murders would both have been prevented if people would mind their own business about the sexuality of others and let people love who they want.

Again, I agree in principle. I even tell my daughters when they play video games that involve relationships (Stardew Valley mostly) that they can marry a girl or a boy. Both are fine options. Their choice. The problem with the book wasn’t the ideology but how I felt like it was made into a huge deal in the story.

This book won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but it is a decent mystery that reads as a stand alone.



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