Rating System

I recently chose to switch from an alphabet rating to X of 5 stars since I post most of my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and this assures continuity.

New Rating System:

5/5- Amazing Book. I would read again and recommend to all my book friends. These are the best books I have read and ones I really enjoy.

4/5 – Great Book. These books are very good. I enjoy them very much and they really stand out. I would recommend them to friends but there are also flaws that make them a bit less enjoyable for some people or elements of them that bother me.

3/5- This is the rating I give most books. These books are pretty average. They are good books but they don’t really stand out as great. They are books I probably wouldn’t reread and they are fairly forgettable.

2/5- These books are ones that have some good qualities but overall I didn’t enjoy. They usually were either a really bad fit for me or I felt very flawed works.

1/5- These are the worst of the worst. These books were ones that I really didn’t like and would warn others off of reading. I didn’t like reading them and I thought they were pretty awful.

Old System:

A- I loved this book and would read it again!

B- I really liked this book and might read it again.

C- This book was a nice one time read.

D- The book had some good points but overall I didn’t enjoy it.

F- This books was awful. I would never tell anyone to read it.


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